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Germany to speed up decision-making on arms exports to Ukraine – Die Welt | The mighty 790 KFGO

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany will speed up its internal decision-making on arms exports to Ukraine, German newspaper Die Welt reported on Wednesday, citing Economy Minister Robert Habeck.

Arms export shipments must be approved by several ministries, coordinated by the Federal Chancellery.

Applications for Ukraine would be handled with “highest priority”, with the Economy Ministry accepting applications immediately, Die Welt reported, citing government sources.

“With the decision to supply arms to Ukraine, we set out on a path that everyone hopefully knew we had to follow consistently,” Habeck told Die Welt.

“For me and the ministry, this means that we will of course approve all arms deliveries in the agreed corridor. This will be done without delay,” the minister said.

The economy ministry was not immediately available for comment.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine prompted Germany to stage a historic reversal of its policy of not sending weapons to conflict zones, but the Ukrainian government has been frustrated by the delays.

The German Defense Ministry on Wednesday requested the supply of 2,000 additional anti-tank weapons to Ukraine from Bundeswehr stocks, the newspaper reported.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock also said on Wednesday that other Strela missiles, which were in the inventories of the former communist East German army, were on their way to Ukraine after delivery delays.

(Reporting by Zuzanna Szymanska; Editing by Alexandra Hudson)