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Geoff Bainbridge tells us about his successful track record as an entrepreneur and investor

Geoff Bainbridge’s success story is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. Read on as he talks about his personal and professional life experiences.

Australia – Geoff Bainbridge is a serial entrepreneur based in Australia. His success story as an entrepreneur is an inspiration to many others looking to start their own business. Geoff went against the grain to start his first business at a very young age. There was no turning back after that in his entrepreneurial journey as he started taking new steps with his determination and perseverance. Geoff now wants to help others replicate his success story.

“I’ve always been excited about becoming an entrepreneur and starting my own business,” says Geoff. “I am driven by challenges. I believe that success is about finding the right opportunities and seizing them with both hands.

At just 21 and armed with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, Bainbridge co-founded his first company Studio Ongarato; an award-winning and internationally recognized Australian design studio at the top of his field, and a business in which he remains actively involved to this day.

Ongarato was a startup that taught Bainbridge all those classic business lessons about biting too fast, not having enough money, and not having enough hours in the day. Although he ultimately succeeded, Bainbridge learned the painful lesson about how long it really takes to become successful overnight.

True to his “Get Things Done” business mantra, Geoff Bainbridge has carved out a leadership style all his own. This energy comes from a deep insight and knowledge of global trends and markets, and the ability to design brands and business models to achieve successful results in dynamic operating environments.

“I am inspired by people who live and pursue their vision. My role as an investor, partner or CEO is to put structure, strategy and teams around this vision. Whether it’s a creative start-up or a business venture, it’s people first,” Bainbridge says of his career to date. “If you don’t have good people, you don’t have good business. I am passionate about seeking knowledge, ideas and opportunities in business. It’s something that has always fascinated me. Add to that the right people, that’s the formula. So while I’m investing in a business, at the heart of it, I’m actually investing in people.

Bainbridge’s achievements showcase his business acumen and firmly establish him as one of the most savvy in consumer and design. contractors in australia. His previous roles include a ten-year tenure with the Foster Group, eventually as head of business development and strategy for Carlton United Breweries and Continental Spirits before joining global eyewear and lifestyle brand Oakley eyewear in as Managing Director of Asia-Pacific.

In 2004, Bainbridge was one of three co-founders of Grill’d, which quickly grew into a fast-growing gourmet burger restaurant that now has 140 stores nationwide. The following year, Bainbridge acquired a significant share of Icon Brand, a UK-based men’s jewelery brand which distributes to 13 countries and is considered the largest men’s jewelery brand in the world. It was the first brand to enter what is known today as THE BRAND STABLE.

It was in 2007 that Bainbridge was approached privately by designer Samantha Wills to become a shareholder and director of her eponymous accessories brand, becoming the second brand to join THE BRAND STABLE.

Bainbridge plays three key roles in all the businesses in which it is involved:

* Strategic planning/troubleshooting

* Leadership development and coaching

* Organizational structure: financial and non-financial

“The role I play is more organic in its application, in that I grow and contract based on the specific needs of the business or team involved at that time. with the team or brand to activate and reinforce their vision while providing a business framework for success,” adds Bainbridge.

Bainbridge’s various business interests and investments have a common theme, which is that they are all consumer-driven. Bainbridge is very attuned to consumer ideas and behaviors and develops businesses to meet their needs or wants.

According to Bainbridge, market conditions, people, time and money are the key ingredients to grow a business. “Scale and heady growth are such dangerous times when a business can get sidetracked, distracted and burn money,” Bainbridge notes. “There is a real art to managing growth. Keeping a cool head, researching the industry, market and trends, and then being able to anticipate the path ahead are key to ensuring sustainable growth.

With a long track record of success behind him, Bainbridge has no plans to retire yet and will either continue to do seed investments in startups or start another business himself.

“At 50 and with an active mind, retirement is not an option for me,” says Bainbridge. “Business is my interest and my hobby, and I don’t consider it a job. I’m energized by people who want to make change and are looking for creative solutions. It’s something I always want to be a part of. »

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