Track apps

Folsom Lake Ford and Folsom Lake Kia use RecovR to track cars

Installing the tracking units only takes a few minutes. They are placed in all vehicles after they arrive at dealerships, located about 25 miles northeast of Sacramento. The Peterson family owns the stores; the main dealer is Chuck Peterson, Jon’s father.

Customers who want the technology pay an upfront fee for three years of location service, which is renewable through the dealership. If customers don’t want the technology, the device is retired, Jon Peterson said.

“The beauty of it all is that we don’t pay for the devices up front,” he notes. “We only pay them after we sell them.”

Dealers set their own prices based on their markets, said Christopher Schouten, chief marketing officer for Kudelski and RecovR.

“We’re seeing price ranges from $599 for lower-tier brands to $1,299 for some high-end and exotic retailers,” he explained. “And as long as dealers achieve an agreed penetration rate per month, they benefit from the advanced lot management functionality at no additional cost.”

Sellers are trained to use the mobile app on their cell phone as part of the sales process. It exposes customers to technology in a natural and organic way, and they see the value of the vehicle tracking service firsthand, Peterson said.

That familiarity, in turn, breaks the ice for F&I managers to sell the product, he said.

RecovR provides users with a secure system; No one except the vehicle owner can track a vehicle’s location with the app unless the owner gives permission. They can also “lock” a car’s location, resulting in a notification if it’s moved.