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When you order something online, chances are it will arrive at your doorstep in the back of a white FedEx truck. After all, this company would have ships on average than 18 million parcels every day. But if you’re someone who likes to track your purchases from the moment you click the order button to the minute the carrier drops it off at your front door, you might be disappointed. FedEx just made new service changes that affect how customers can track their deliveries. Read on to find out what you can no longer do when receiving packages from FedEx.

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Customers can no longer track their FedEx packages with the Deliverys app, The Verge reported on April 11. Listed as an “Editor’s Choice” program in the App Store, Deliverys is a popular app that helps people keep track of all their packages arriving from various services in one place. Junecloud, the company behind Delivery, recently informed users that they will not be able to access FedEx tracking services on the app as a result of recent actions by the shipping company.

“Unfortunately, Fedex has made the decision to block third-party trackers such as deliveries from their API,” Junecloud tweeted on April 4 in response to several users asking why FedEx tracking was not working on their deliveries app. “We will remove them from our list of supported services in an upcoming update.”

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Shipments began in 2006 as a dashboard widget called “Apple Order Status” before becoming an app in 2008, “shortly after Apple launched the App Store,” the company said. Junecloud developer. Mike Pionteck explained in a press release April 5. In its most updated version, the Deliverys app lets users track the progress of their package on a map, as well as receive notifications if anything changes with their shipment and delivery, according to The Verge.

But if you enter a FedEx tracking number now, the app will no longer display an estimated delivery date, current location, or any other information about the package. Instead, users will be prompted to open FedEx’s own tracking page in their web browser to see information about that specific shipment. “This shipment can only be viewed online,” the FedEx package app now says, according to The Verge. “The tracking information for this shipment cannot be viewed directly in Deliveries.”

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In its statement, Piontek warned users that Deliverys would likely no longer be able to “maintain the same service” it had provided in the past based on FedEx’s decision. “Deliveries depend on many different shipping companies, and without their help, it is not possible for the app to continue to operate as intended,” he wrote. According to the developer, it is possible that other companies will soon make the same decision as FedEx.

“It’s likely that over time more services in Deliveries won’t show tracking information directly in the app. You won’t see the delivery date, map route, or any of the details , and you won’t receive notifications about status changes,” Piontek explained. “You’ll need to use the ‘View Online’ button to view your tracking information on the shipping company’s website. We understand that this will make deliveries less useful for many of you, and you may decide to take a different approach to tracking your packages. . “

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It is not the shipping companies for the first time have changed their services to prevent deliveries from showing tracking information for certain packages. According to Junecloud, this has happened in the past with Australia Post, DPD UK, Hongkong Post, Royal Mail and Swiss Post as well. But as of April 4, there were still more than 20 services than the Deliverys app Is Support.

This includes retailers like Amazon and Apple, as well as shipping companies like UPS and the United States Postal Service (USPS). “For those of you who choose to continue using Deliveries, we will do our best to continue to make it as useful as possible. Thank you for all of your support over the years,” Piontek wrote in his review.

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