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Fan-made Splatoon website tracks map rotation for all 3 games

Twitter user OatmealDome and his team have put together a very helpful website that, with just a few clicks, you’ll know if it’s time to play your favorite modes! The site allows you to follow the rotation of the cards of Splatoon 1, 2 and very soon Splatoon 3 as well! Not only that, but for Splatoon 2’s Salmon Run, it also helps you track when a shift starts and what rewards you can get. The website is incredibly useful, as it allows you to check which modes and maps are currently in rotation without needing to check the Nintendo Switch Online app or open the game, but the best part is that you can plan online. advance, as the site allows. you see the rotation until the year 2040 (for Splatoon 2), you better remember this date of October 13, 2032 otherwise you will miss Rainmaker.

I have to speak to OatMealDome to ask them a few quick questions about how they are going to run their website and this is what they said:

Q: I have read that you are working on updates and planning to update the site in the future for Splatoon 3, will these updates come when you have time to work on them or have you have a schedule to follow?

A: We don’t have a timeline as it’s not possible to predict how the game’s timeline generation will work before launch, but we will work to support it as soon as possible. We will also try to have a Splatfest archive page for Rock vs. Papers vs. Scissors ended shortly after demo release.

Q: Would you be open to suggestions from people to add even more functionality to the site?

A: Certainly! We have already received some great suggestions, such as filtering by stage/game mode/weapon, and will work on implementing them in the future. Feedback is always welcome and can be submitted by DMing me on Twitter or our email ([email protected]).