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Fairfield by Marriott Hotel Chooses Guesthub to Manage and Track Packages

Miami Springs, Florida. – Scalable technology is important for today’s hoteliers, especially those operating smaller properties with fewer staff. guest center, a web-based customer experience management solution, is proof that modularity is key to technology adoption. Such is the case at Fairfield by Marriott® Miami Airport Hostel & Suites in West Doral, Florida. Today, the mid-range hotel uses Guesthub only for package tracking. While the mobile solution can facilitate many other features, such as handling customer requests, responding to issues, providing information about amenities, supporting food and beverage ordering, scheduling / tracking courtesy shuttle requests, etc., the hotel has only selected the “Guest Package Tracking” module to better manage this service, which is not covered by Marriott’s current proprietary applications and technology.

“We receive many parcels in our hotel every day, whether for customers who have already registered or for those who have not yet arrived”, said general manager Sandra Rojas, Fairfield. “To keep track of everyone, we used a filing cabinet. But this manual process came with complaints. Not everyone took the time to fill out the forms correctly. For example, few people asked for signatures when picking up packages. This caused confusion especially when a customer came to reception to collect an item and it had already been given to someone else staying in the same room. We needed a better way to manage this service. There was no way I would let our high service rating be tarnished by poor package tracking. We needed an affordable, easy-to-use solution. We found the answer in Guesthub.

When a package arrives at the hotel, a QR code or barcode label is scanned by staff and the package tracking number is automatically uploaded to Guesthub. At the same time, Guesthub records which employee checks the package into the app, as well as the day and time the item was entered into the system. Then, by entering the first three letters of the recipient’s last name, Guesthub is populated with comprehensive guest information through its integration with the hotel’s property management system. The location of the package – where it is stored, including room, shelf or rack location – is also entered. To pick up a package, a guest presents identification and provides a signature.

“Before Guesthub, we had to manually write the tracking number for each package,” Rojas said. “It was time consuming and prone to human error. With Guesthub, the system is foolproof. We now have a digital log showing when packages were received, by whom, where they are stored and when they were picked up by customers. Yes, some data entry is required, but it is minimal and can be done from employees’ mobile devices or computers. Because we have a mini market in reception, we already had QR/barcode scanners, which made the already inexpensive Guesthub module even more affordable. And, when we need to hold packages for unregistered customers, we may charge a handling fee which generates revenue.”

“Since implementing Guesthub, we haven’t had any complaints regarding package tracking and delivery”, she says. “It not only makes me happy as a General Manager, but it takes a lot of the pressure off our front desk agents. Best of all, customer feedback reveals that they feel safe knowing their packages are stored and delivered with care. This is extremely important, especially for our many loyal extended-stay customers. Guesthub allows us to improve operational efficiency and cultivate happy customers.”

Built by active hoteliers for hoteliers

Guesthub was designed by its parent company, Eurobuilding Hotels Group, to facilitate everything customers may need throughout their trip – from booking to Review™ – and without customers needing to download an app. . It improves a hotel’s bottom line by taking better care of guests. It puts task management of guest requests and guest messaging at the heart of operations, and helps hotels get better reviews, earn more money from their rooms, and streamline operations by reducing workload Staff. It engages customers with relevant messages before they arrive. Once there, it facilitates digital check-in and mobile key. It sends timely and relevant promotional messages to the upsell department and facilitates the process of ordering food and beverages or other services. As guests leave, it manages guest feedback, allowing the hotel to improve its online reputation and increase rates. Guesthub also saves customers from waiting for requested items and services. It ensures that no work order slips through the cracks. It ensures smooth communication between staff and customers.

“We are delighted that the Fairfield by Marriott Inn & Suites Miami Airport has found it useful to leverage Guesthub for package tracking,” said Carlos Vollbracht, product owner Guesthub. “That’s the beauty of this web tool; its uses are limitless. And it can easily adapt to support functions not covered by the brand’s proprietary technology. For example, currently not all Marriott properties have their proprietary shuttle tracking app, so we are talking to Sandra about adding the shuttle tracking module to Guesthub as well. This way, when business picks up even more, the hotel can provide guests with a shuttle’s estimated arrival time for each stop or pick-up location, eliminating traveler anxiety and further increasing convenience. customer satisfaction. It’s the little things that make a BIG difference for today’s travelers. Guesthub can help hoteliers ensure a seamless guest experience at an affordable price.

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GuestHub is a guest experience management solution that focuses on increasing ADR and occupancy by improving guest satisfaction. GuestHub allows the guest to submit different requests via their personal device easily and intuitively without the need to download an app, file, route, track and alert staff when needed. GuestHub can manage open guest requests, issues, amenities, food and beverages, courtesy shuttle requests and tracking, guest packages, lost and found, real-time guest satisfaction, etc To learn more, visit

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