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ENSCO Rail to supply track inspection vehicle for UAE’s first rail network

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor

ENSCO Rail Ultrasonic Rail Defect System.

ENSCO Rail, Inc., announced on July 21 that Etihad Rail, the developer and operator of the United Arab Emirates’ national rail network, has awarded the company a multi-year contract for a track inspection vehicle to help the construction of the first freight and passenger in the United Arab Emirates. rail network.

With a mandate to manage the development, construction and operation of the UAE’s national freight and passenger rail network, Etihad Rail aims to connect the commercial, industrial and population centers of the UAE.

ENSCO will supply Etihad Rail with a complete track inspection vehicle equipped with several safety-focused track inspection systems and data analysis services on a 15-year contract. The contract will include a range of measurement and inspection systems, including two key ENSCO technologies: the ultrasonic rail flaw detection system, designed to detect internal rail flaws that, if not detected, may cause a safety risk, and the Point Asset Inspection System, which performs a full inspection of point assets such as switches. ENSCO is also proud to collaborate with the French car manufacturer Socofer, which is the car manufacturer equipped with ENSCO technology.

“ENSCO engineers pioneered the use of advanced inspection measurement technology, high-resolution imaging technologies and automation software to provide Etihad Rail with tools to keep track safe increasing efficiency and productivity,” commented ENSCO President Jeff Stevens. “Through inspection technology, Etihad Rail will achieve operational efficiencies for freight traffic that will be reliable, sustainable and predictable, while its passenger service will achieve ground transportation based on maintenance and repair tools. quality track inspection with a constant focus on the safety of passengers, workers and the communities it serves.

The first stage of the Etihad Rail network has been fully operational since January 2016, and significant milestones have now been reached for the second stage, with 75% of the project completed in less than 28 months, despite the challenges of the pandemic. Built to international standards, the railway will connect major centers of commerce, industry, manufacturing, production, logistics, population and all major import and export points of the UAE, and will be an integral part of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) rail network.

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