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Delta athletic home will be made of shipping containers

The country house that will be built at the new North Delta athletics facility will be made up of shipping containers.

The Delta board this week awarded a $369,200 contract for the supply, modification and site placement of shipping containers as the structural framework for the building.

A staff report notes that the planned completion of the two-story, 3,200-square-foot country home is expected by late spring 2023.

The resulting building will be fully compliant with current building code requirements, free of obstacles and barriers for people with reduced mobility and meeting the anticipated needs of end users, based on consultation previously undertaken, notes the report.

Late last year, council approved a $138,000 contract for architectural design services for the pavilion.

In 2020, the city awarded a $100,000 contract to the same consultant to design a free-standing country house building in the range of 2,000 to 2,500 square feet in size, but soon after the city revised its vision of the building. .

The new vision emphasized the use of alternative building designs and constructions, namely the repurposing of shipping containers as the primary structural element, as well as an expanded building footprint to better meet the needs anticipated by users.

The consultant was then engaged to develop a schematic design involving containers as well as a larger building.

The consultant was paid $20,532 for the service and then $138,800 for the more detailed design.

The new facility will include public washrooms, locker rooms, weight and conditioning space, equipment storage, meeting room and observation deck.

The new track was completed last year.