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DataWeave Launches Interactive Dashboard to Track U.S. Grocery Inflation

Seattle, WA- DataWeavea global leader in retail data, pricing and AI analytics, today launches its interactive e-commerce Grocery Price Trackerproviding a detailed and nuanced view of price variations and serving as index of price trends in the United States. DataWeave examines pricing and availability by category and retailer in light of inflation and market-driven economic changes. Analyzing more than 117,000 SKUs, the Tracker shows how grocery brands and retailers are adjusting prices in an inflationary environment as they strive to stay connected with an increasingly price-conscious consumer.

DataWeave Grocery Price Tracker, which will be updated monthly, shows month-to-month price changes starting in June 2021. It also shows changes in product availability. “The American consumer has clearly felt more than a pinch at the grocery store. This has been driven by a confluence of global supply chain constraints, regional conflicts and climate change. All of this has added to the pressures on pricing and availability issues,” said Karthik Bettadapura, CEO of DataWeave. “Our data reveals that the strong price increases we saw in December 2021 at grocery retailers and delivery intermediaries have continued to rise since. With our free tracker, our goal is to enable retailers and analysts to spot inflection points in these trends as they evolve. »

Each month the Grocery Price Tracker will highlight the retailer who offers products with a maximum price lessen in a certain category, and one imposing the maximum price increase in a particular category. It also shows the average month-over-month price changes for all products tracked in each category and retailer analyzed.

“With inflation at a 40-year high and dynamic prices changing the competitive landscape daily, we continue to hear that affordability is a priority for consumers, while availability in certain categories, such as baby formulas infants, has become a national emergency issue,” said Krishnan Thyagarajan, President and COO of DataWeave. We hope that our course Grocery Price Tracker and the inflation indices we are developing for other categories will provide the fastest visibility into the latest trends and better understanding for retailers and brands.

Report methodology

To arrive at its findings, DataWeave analyzed 117,381 SKUs, tracking price changes and inventory availability at 16 grocery retailers and delivery intermediaries, dating from June 2021 to present, interactively noting the changes. prices and stock availability by retailer.

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