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Construction on track for GLDD’s new hopper dredge

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock, the newest trailing suction hopper dredge being built at Conrad Shipyards, is progressing on schedule with the vessel on track for on-time delivery in the first quarter of 2023.

This 6,500 cubic yard capacity hopper dredge will include two 800mm suction hoses and will be able to dredge depths of up to 100ft, with main dimensions of approximately 346ft in length, 69ft in width and 23 feet depth and total installed power of 16,500 horsepower.

The new build will feature direct high-powered shore pump installation, dredge system automation, dynamic positioning and tracking, US EPA Tier IV compliant engines, and features additional facilities designed to minimize the impact of its dredging process on the environment.

According to Lasse Petterson, Managing Director and President of GLDD, this highly automated vessel will increase the capabilities of the company’s hopper fleet in the coastal protection and maintenance markets, while addressing the specific needs of the offshore wind market by full growth.

It is also worth mentioning that this C-Job designed TSHD will be the first registered in the United States, ABS rated, compliant with the USCG Alternate Compliance Program and receiving a DR-68 reduced freeboard assignment.

Having a DR-68 reduced freeboard assignment will allow the TSHD to increase its payload beyond its load line while maintaining an equivalent level of safety. The TSHD will be capable of performing dredging operations in the United States and overseas.