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BART Red Line service restored on March 22

Written by David C. Lester, Editor

BART restored red line service on March 22.


RT&S reported on March 9 that BART had suspended redline service due to a damaged power cable. Here is an update on this story.

Starting Tuesday, March 22, BART will restore red line service between Richmond and Millbrae. Red (Richmond-Millbrae) and Orange (Richmond-Berryessa) line trains will run with five cars. Restoring the red line will help ease congestion by providing more frequency and eliminating the need to transfer to the yellow line for transbay service, despite running shorter trains. BART will continue to operate five-car trains as crews repair and eventually replace electrical cables.

The Red and Orange Lines will run the published regular schedule, including Red Line trips to SFO via Millbrae.

Five-car trains will stop in the center of the platform. Users of the red and orange lines are reminded not to wait at the ends of the platform.

Crews are reconfiguring the trains tonight in a bid to offer full service on the Red Line when we open Tuesday morning. In the event of Red Line trains being canceled during this transition, riders should transfer to an Orange Line train and transfer if necessary. We plan to have full service on the red line by Tuesday afternoon.

Damaged power cable

Earlier this month, BART lost power along parts of the Richmond line due to a break in the original 34.5kV power cables which were due to start replacing the same week the damage occurred. Rail service through the area is currently powered by redundant system substations. This cable break limits our ability to provide full service on the red and orange lines with 10-car trains. Over the weekend, the teams successfully tested the option of running shorter trains using the current power levels we have.