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Avondale Launches Strategic Plan Dashboard to Track Key Metrics | New

The City of Avondale has launched an online Strategic Plan Performance Dashboard that allows residents to track the progress of the city’s five-year goals. This new public dashboard provides transparent reporting on the City’s capital and operational projects, programs and services to ensure its actions align with the vision shared for the community through the Strategic Plan.

The goal is to successfully achieve the seven outcome areas that Avondale City Council has identified as priorities in partnership with residents and key stakeholders:

• Delivery of innovative programs and services.

• Public health and safety.

• Natural resources and open spaces.

• Community-based lifelong learning opportunities.

• Connected community.

• Creative and sustainable community development.

• Various opportunities for recreation and entertainment.

The dashboard reports on 29 metrics that support the seven priorities. Metrics identified in Avondale’s Strategic Performance Dashboard are informed by timely, accurate, and relevant reports submitted by City departments regarding progress on projects and programs within the context of each fiscal year toward achieving the objectives set out in Avondale’s five-year strategic plan 2021. .

View the performance dashboard at