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Apple Music Now Lets You Track Your Most Played Songs of 2022 – Review Geek

Apple Music

Apple Music subscribers can now track their most-streamed songs throughout 2022 with the new “Play Again 2022playlist. This feature is very different from Spotify Wrapped, as it provides weekly updates on your listening habits instead of reporting your stats at the end of the year.

The Replay 2022 playlist contains up to 100 of your most streamed songs, along with a list of your most streamed artists and top 10 albums. These statistics are automatically updated every week, so they are never out of date. In the Apple Music app, you should find Replay 2022 under your “Listen Now” tab.

Notably, the Apple Music web player lets you see additional details that the app lacks. These details include the number of plays for each song, the number of plays for your most-streamed artists and albums, and the total number of hours you’ve spent streaming Apple Music.

I’m primarily a Spotify user, so I envy Apple Music’s annual Replay playlists. That said, Apple Music still needs a year-end recap like Spotify Wrapped. The feature is long overdue and it is one of the biggest feature requests from Apple Music customers.

Check the “Listen Now” tab in the Apple Music app or go to to add Replay 2022 to your library. (Some users are reporting that Replay 2022 does not yet contain their most-streamed songs. It may take Apple a while to fix this issue.)

Source: Apple Going through MacRumors