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Adrienne Adams on track to be next city council speaker

NEW YORK – Councilor Adrienne Adams’ path to becoming the next city council speaker was cleared on Friday as mayor-elect Eric Adams congratulated her on her historic victory and rival councilor Francisco Moya dropped out of the race.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Moya said it was “clear that I have no path to victory.”

“[Adrienne Adams] is a dedicated and thoughtful leader who I know will work closely with all of the board members, ”Moya wrote. “I will fully support his leadership as we continue to fight the ravages of the pandemic. “

Moya and Adrienne Adams, who were scheduled to face each other in the internal race in January, had both declared victory earlier this week. Shortly before Moya stepped down, mayor-elect Eric Adams congratulated Adrienne Adams after 33 of her colleagues publicly pledged to vote for her.

“After weeks of hearing from new council members and trusted leaders across New York City, I have no doubts that Adrienne Adams will be the best choice to lead our city council, and I think she has support to do it, ”tweeted Eric Adams. .

Moments before Eric Adams’ comments, Adrienne Adams released a list of supporters showing she has the majority of the 51 council members behind her bid for head of the legislature.

“I am honored to have gained the support and confidence of my colleagues to be their president,” Adrienne Adams said in a statement. “Our coalition reflects the best of our city.

The five-member Republican caucus was not among Adrienne Adams’ supporters.

Sources told NY1 that the support of nearly three dozen people had been garnered with help from unions like 32BJ and DC37, as well as former rivals Justin Brannan and Keith Powers.

Eric Adams’ allies had promoted Moya as their preferred candidate for the speaker, sources said.

An Adrienne Adams victory could be seen as a blow to Eric Adams’ political capital, but the mayor-elect said on Thursday he could work with either candidate.

The impetus has been with Adrienne Adams of Queens, who is unrelated to the new mayor. She would be the council’s first black speaker and lead a historic female majority in the legislature.

Earlier on Friday, speaker candidate Carlina Rivera announced that she was leaving the race and endorsing Adams.

“With this, I am supporting @ AdrienneEAdams1 to be the chair of our historic female majority city council. She will lead our work into 2022 + beyond with honor, ”Rivera tweeted.

Rivera was a last resistance among speaker hopefuls.

Four other candidates, Brannan, Powers, Diana Ayala and Gale Brewer, dropped their offers this week and cast their votes – and those of their coalitions – at Adrienne Adams.

Several unions and women’s political groups have also announced their support for Adrienne Adams as a speaker.

Moya had four colleagues publicly committed to him as well as support from outside actors who believed the next council speaker should be Latino.

Adrienne Adams did not respond to NY1 interview requests.

She outlined her priorities at an NY1 Candidates Forum earlier this month:

“As a speaker, I would continue to support the vaccine mandates to save lives for New Yorkers,” Adams said.

“New York is the only jurisdiction to have terminated qualified immunity,” she also said. “Thanks to my committee, we made it happen.”

Adams’ batch of 33 supporters, a list that is now likely to grow longer, did not include the five members of the Republican Council conference. This included the five female Liberal members who, in an open letter, had implicitly criticized Eric Adams ‘support for Moya, saying: “It’s time to break up the old boys’ club.”


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