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Accelerating PH’s digital shift to keep up with the global trend, digital platforms and services

Globe expects the rapid adoption of digital services by Filipinos to gain even greater momentum in the coming months as more customers rely on online apps and devices to complete their daily tasks. . The company’s pivot to a digital solutions platform, while continuing to improve its telecommunications business, is accelerating in part to meet this growing demand.

The company cited growth in its data-related revenues, which hit an all-time high in 2021, as a key indicator of growing demand for ICT services that enable everyday customer experiences. Globe’s data traffic soared to 3,733 petabytes last year, a 48% increase from 2,517 petabytes in 2020. Globe’s mobile data, home broadband and enterprise data revenues accounted for 80% of its total service revenues last year.

UK-based international research data and analytics group YouGov also found in its Global Media Outlook 2022 report that over the past 12 months, “a higher proportion of all global consumers said have increased their consumption of websites or apps, social media and streaming video services than more traditional media such as TV or radio.

“The fastest growing media type is online consumption of websites and apps, with 42% of global consumers saying they have increased their consumption over the past 12 months,” the report added.

Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu confirmed that the situation in the Philippines will closely mirror the global trend, saying the pandemic-induced shift to digital has prompted the company to work twice on its transition to a even more diverse service platform.

“We have certainly gone beyond telecommunications in terms of empowering Filipinos’ digital lifestyle. As we continue to grow our core business, we have developed a wide range of offerings in high growth sectors such as healthcare, fintech, e-learning and entertainment, among others. These have all become essential services that our customers rely on day in and day out,” Cu said.

Cu cited the GCash mobile wallet as an example of a digital payment and financial service that has become part of Filipinos’ daily routines. Its GLife service, for example, brings together various merchants and brands on a single page so users don’t need to switch apps or create different accounts to order or buy online.

Globe’s HealthNow and KonsultaMD telemedicine services have also become invaluable during the pandemic, bringing health and care to Filipinos through an easy-to-use app from the comfort and safety of their homes.

The PureGo online grocery platform, a partnership between Globe and Puregold, is another online application that has quickly spread to other cities in Metro Manila. PureGo recorded sales growth of over 75% in 2021.

Cu stressed the importance of continuing to innovate as customer needs change rapidly and using Globe’s digital platform to create or develop more services designed to make life easier for Filipinos.