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Accelerated process for printing new textbooks

Eastern Region Correspondence

MP for Kwadaso, Dr Kingsley Nyarko, has called on relevant bodies working on the new textbooks to speed up the process to enable teachers and learners to have access to them.

Also in his capacity as a member of the parliamentary committee on education, the MP indicated that the delay has become burdensome because pupils in public schools, who are mostly from low-income families, are suffering the effect of training of this delay compared to their counterparts. in private schools.

The Minister, speaking on the issue, said: “I think textbooks are essential in teaching and learning and when a new curriculum is developed we should have the accompanying textbooks This is very important but it goes through a process and we believe the process should end as soon as possible so that the public schools get the delivery of the copies for the learners to have reading material to better understand what they are taught in schools.

“We know the government has activated the process, but the process needs to end soon so we can get the books…so that vulnerable people from low-income families have access to them so they can also learn afterwards. having received instructions from their teachers,” Dr. Kingsley Nyarko explained in an interview with GhanaWeb after the Star Ghana Foundation facilitated a meeting for PSC-E and stakeholders in Koforidua.

In September 2019, the government of Ghana rolled out a new curriculum in the education system aimed at addressing the shortcomings of the old curriculum.

The new curriculum has been purposely designed to improve the acquisition of reading, writing, arithmetic and creativity skills, as well as to strengthen the teaching of mathematics across the primary curriculum.

However, three years have passed since the rollout of the new curriculum without the required learning materials, including textbooks to facilitate teaching and learning in basic schools.

The Ministry of Education and the National Council for Curriculum Assessment (NaCCA) are the mandated entities to work on the learning materials for the new curriculum.

When GhanaWeb approached the Chief Executive of the National Council for Curriculum Assessment (NaCCA), Dr. Edward Appiah, he said his team had completed their work on the new textbooks.

Dr Appiah indicated that the delay in the release of the textbooks is not due to the NaCCA as they had, over the past two years, completed their evaluation and submitted the more than 1,200 evaluated textbooks to the Ministry of Education.

He told GhanaWeb, “NaCCA, our mandate is to help develop textbooks. We develop the curriculum and the publishers write the books and we will review the books and approve them.”

“As I speak to you, NaCCA has approved over 1,200 books. In the past two years, we have approved the books.

“Now, after approving the books, the ministry will also have to go to another level and award a contract. And before they do that, they have to go through some activities.

“As I speak to you, they’ve been through a lot. Most of the things they need to do, they’ve done. I think it’s on the purchasing level now,” he explained .

The NaCCA Chief Executive further explained that the apparent delay from the Ministry of Education is due to them doing “some quality assurance and selecting various editors they deem fit to work on (the books)” .

“It’s not the ministry that is delaying it. They also have to make sure they do the necessary. Because it won’t come out and people will have problems,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Appiah sent a stern warning to publishers who print books on the market without the required NaCCA approval.