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7 Best Free Running Apps to Track Your Runs

Sometimes it takes a little extra motivation to get up and go. And it turns out that all it takes is a little tech to boost your fitness ambitions. According to a study of Journal of Internet Medical Research, participants who used fitness apps were more active and had a lower body mass index than non-users and former users. If that’s not reason enough to log onto the App Store and do a quick download, it should be: It’s almost always racing season with 5Ks and marathons sprouting up all over the world. This means you should take all the help you can get when it comes to pointing out a new PR. Here are some of the best free running apps to get you to the finish line faster than ever.

7 Best Free Running Apps to Track Your Runs

1. Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club comes complete with personalized coaching plans and a community feed where you can post (and personalize) photos of your running experience, compete with friends on the leaderboards, and run without your phone if you have an Apple Watch. To download here on iTunes or here on Google Play. Oh, and just like the old version, it logs your pace, location, distance, elevation, heart rate, and mile intervals so you always know your numbers.

2. Race Keeper

Purists looking for free running apps should focus on Runkeeper. It’s dedicated to keeping your shopping details at your fingertips. The app records your pace, distance, total exercise time, calories burned, and other useful metrics. Runkeeper also lets you take and tag photos on the go to use for inspiration and sharing for the future. Plus, the app syncs with other apps to create detailed reports of your activity that you can share with your social network. To download here on iTunes or here on Google Play.

3. Adidas Train and Run

Not only does the Adidas Train and Run app track all of your progress, it makes progress possible. Interactive app and GPS tracking includes workout tips from expert trainers, personal workout plans to help you reach specific goals, and real-time voice feedback from the pros. Pair it with the Fit the smartwatch for GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring on your wrist. To download here on iTunes or here on Google Play.


“Strava or it didn’t happen.” This app tracks distance, pace, speed, elevation, and calories burned and has sparked countless competitions between runners and cyclists. With the “Challenges” and “King/Queen of the Mountain” features, average joers can claim the title for the fastest known time on a route or climb and earn bragging rights over everyone who has hiked that route specific. To download here on iTunes or here on Google Play.

5. Map my run

The OG route tracker, Map My Run, received a major interface upgrade after Under Armor bought the platform last year. It’s free and can guide you on a route, wherever you are. Perfect for runners who travel often, Map My Run features thousands of routes in cities around the world, often recorded and rated by local runners. Plus, the app will store up to 600 of your favorite personal routes, so you can easily spot one when motivation is low. To download here on iTunes or here on Google Play.

6. Runtastic

For those with a little more geographical difficulty, Runtastic allows you to view all your routes on a Google Earth map. This, along with real-time route plotting, speed and distance tracking, and metric monitoring (as well as the ability to share your runs on other social platforms, like Facebook and Twitter) make this app a simple addition to your workout plan. To download here on iTunes or here on Google Play.

7. Charity miles

What better way to get in the charity racing mood than to train with charity racing too? This tracking app lets you choose from a list of charities like the Wounded Warrior Project, Autism Speaks, and the ASPCA before you go racing. Charity Miles then records your total distance and your mileage is converted into a donation by one of the Charity Miles sponsors. Sweating has never been so pleasant. To download here on iTunes or here on Google Play.

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